A Star Wars Edge of the Empire Campaign


The Long Arm of the Hutt: Act III



Mos Shuuta, Tatooine, Tatooine System, Arkanis Sector, Outer Rim Territories

  • the crew sneaks into Teemo the Hutt’s palace by hiding in cargo crates that the Wex twins deliver
  • they enter the communications room where Rawk cuts outside communications and triggers the alarm at the barracks outside the palace
    • half of Teemo’s men leave the throne room to go investigate the alarm
    • Rawk also finds evidence that:
      • Teemo’s hasn’t been giving Borgo the Hutt his cut of the ryll spice profits from his Ryloth mine
      • Teemo’s been reverse engineering the old B-1 battle droids to create his own droid army
  • the crew heads down to the gladiator barracks where Nyara tries to convince them to mutiny against Teemo
    • they don’t go for the mutiny, but agree to stay out of any fighting that happens
  • they charge into the throne room for a final showdown with Teemo
    • Macklin dives across the room, shooting his twin blasters
    • ID-10T blasts the giant chandelier above Teemo’s head, and it falls on him, almost tearing him in half
    • together, they manage to kill Teemo
  • Posh, Oskara, and Lowhrick thank them and say they owe them one since their debt to Teemo’s been cleared
  • Teemo’s protocol droid, C3-RL says he’s out of a job and the crew offers him a spot on their ship, which C3 accepts
  • they contact Borgo the Hutt and tell them the information they found out of Teemo going behind his back and that Teemo is now dead
    • Borgo invites them to his palace as he has a job to offer them

The Long Arm of the Hutt: Act I (Part Two) and Act II


  • New Meen, Ryloth, Ryloth System, Gaulus Sector, Outer Rim Territories
    • the crew arrives at New Meen
      • the people of the mining town tell them that they’re being forced off their land by some developers who moved in a little while ago, led by a man named Angu Droomb
    • they give two of the Twi’leks heavy blaster pistols and walk to the developer’s settlement
      • as they approach, three men come to stop them
        • one of the three, an Aqualish reaches for his blaster, but Macllin draws first and makes them tell where their boss is
    • they move into the cantina and Droomb and the rest of his men are inside
      • Rawk tries to talk to them, but they all draw their blasters and start shooting
      • Rawk throws a grenade and blasts a couple of the thugs while Macllin guns down Droomb
      • Arthur scares the rest of the thugs and they leap through the window and make their escape
    • Rawk searches their dorm and finds an office with some messages between Droomb and someone named Thweek, who they learn is Teemo’s Kubaz spy
      • with access to Teemo’s office, Rawk fakes a message to Teemo saying that all of them have been taken care of
    • they go back to New Meen and rest a couple days
  • Nabat Spaceport
    • they meet with Nyn Kablo who introduces them to Ota the Bothan
    • Ota offers the crew an opportunity to strike back at Teemo the Hutt, asks them to attend a Geonosian party on his behalf and find out why Duke Piddock broke ties with Teemo, then convince Duke Dimmock to help them infiltrate Teemo’s palace
  • Geonosis, Geonosis System, Arkanis Sector, Outer Rim Territories
    • the crew attends Duke Piddock’s party
      • Rawk makes friends with Maru Jakkar, who he learns represents the Black Sun Syndicate
      • finds out from Anata, the Toydarian information broker, that the Sullastan Mu Nanb made a huge arms deal with Piddock
      • try to talk to Mu Nanb, but don’t get any info from him and scare him off
      • meet Orpa and Wex Vio, Corellian smuggler twins, who own the Lucky Guess
      • as they buy some pistols from Piddock
    • the next day they meet with Duke Dimmock
      • with the information they gathered at the party, Dimmock is more than willing to help them get Teemo
      • arranges for them to ride aboard the Lucky Guess
    • as they’re about to board the Lucky Guess, they’re ambushed by V’rixxt, a Gand bounty hunter, who they saw at the party but didn’t speak to
      • V’rixxt quickly finds himself outgunned, then dead

GenCon – Escape From Mos Shuuta: Special Edition

sw_most_wanted__torkill_mux_by_agnidevi-d8jp3snMeet the Crew

Mandalorian Bounty Hunter

Female Rodian Performer

Dug Driver

Technician Droid


  • Mos Shuuta, Tatooine
    • Teemo the Hutt’s Gamorrean bruisers are after the crew for dumping their cargo at the first sign of an Imperial cruiser
    • the Krayt Fang, is docked at Landing Bay Aurek, but its locked down by docking clamps and has a broken hypermatter reactor igniter
  • Vik’s Cantina
    • Grave hides in the closet, Siero talks the Twi’lek dancer Liera into letting her hide backstage, Gud’s buddies wave him over and hide him in their booth, A7 sits down at a table and keeps his head down
    • they whip out their blasters once the thugs try to leave
    • the thugs close in to beat on A7
    • Grave comes out of the closet, takes careful aim at the Gamorrean pigs with his carbine… and blasts A7 instead, deactivating him in a shower of sparks and smoke
  • Vorn’s Junkshop
    • the crew needs a hyperspace reactor igniter, but Vorn’s already promised it to Trex, a Transdoshan bounty hunter
    • Siero uses her feminine charm to convince Vorn into selling her the hypermatter reactor igniter for what ever money that have spare, 350 creds
  • Spaceport Control
    • the crew sneaks in through the side door holding Siero hostage
    • Grave holds a gun to Siero’s head, and they trick the comm operator into thinking that Siero is Teemo the Hutt’s favorite dancer, who he’ll kill if she doesn’t remove the docking clamps
  • Mos Shuuta Streets
    • as they start towards the landing bay, the crew is spotted by two squads of stormtroopers
    • Grave fires at them with his blaster carbine and lures them to Trader’s Ledge
    • he lures two troopers onto the rope bridge then burns the bridge behind him with his wrist mounted flame thrower (which he happened to have via a destiny point)
  • Landing Bay Aurek
    • they enter the landing bay and Siero convinces the security droids that they are here to fix the ship by showing them the part
    • they walk up the Krayt Fang’s boarding ramp and meet Trex
    • Siero says they’re here to install the part, and he looks at them suspiciously then shrugs, telling them to let him know when it’s done and that he’ll be waiting in the cantina, then walks off
    • A7 installs the replacement igniter and Gud takes off
  • Tatooine Orbit
    • four TIE fighters intercept them as they leave the planet, but they handily shoot them down and they jump to hyperspace


GM Thoughts

For this special adventure, I told the players they could pick careers and specializations from any of the core books, including Force and Destiny which I just picked up, but they all ended up picking from Edge of the Empire anyway. This is the third time I’ve run this adventure and the first time that anyone’s skipped the boss fight with Trex, which was pretty funny.

The Long Arm of the Hutt: Act I (Part One)


  • Edge of the Tatooine System
    • the Windfall is low on fuel
    • the crew finds B’ura B’an, leader of a group of Twi’lek miners on Ryloth, in their cargo hold
      • had been captured by Trex
      • asks the crew to help him to Nabat, a spaceport on Ryloth
  • Nabat, Ryloth
    • B’ura B’an introduces the crew to Nyn Kablo, leader of a militant pro Twi’lek cell
    • Nyn asks them if they can bring B’ura B’an back to his home of New Meen, a nearby ryll mine
  • Badlands of Ryloth
    • three bounty hunters, one of them a wounded and angry Trex, set up an ambush for the crew
    • Macllin spots the ambush, parks their speeder, and gets the drop on the would be ambushers
    • again, Trex gets gunned down before he can do anything
    • after the battle, Arthur executes Trex with a blaster bolt to the skull to make sure he’s dead

Escape from Mos Shuuta

Summary sw_most_wanted__torkill_mux_by_agnidevi-d8jp3sn

  • Mos Shuuta, Tatooine
    • Teemo the Hutt’s Gamorrean bruisers are after the crew for dumping their cargo at the first sign of an Imperial cruiser
    • their ship the Windfall, a YT-1300, is locked down at the starport
    • Vik’s Cantina
      • Macllin hides behind the bar pretending to be a bartender, Arthur sits down with some patrons acting normal, and Nyara runs behind the stage
      • the Gamorrean’s don’t see them and turn to leave, and the crew guns them down before they even know what’s happening
    • Vorn’s Junkshop
      • the crew needs a hyperspace reactor igniter, but Vorn’s already promised it to Trex, a Transdoshan bounty hunter
      • Macllin convinces Nyara to sweet talk the old man into selling to them at half price, but she gets Macllin to cover the bill
    • Spaceport Control
      • they convince the droids outside that Teemo needs the Windfall launched immediately, but inside Overseer Bryn (who looks like Jennifer Lawrence) says she can’t release the docking clamps without the proper paperwork
      • while Macllin distracts the Overseer, Arthur gets on a computer and releases the clamps himself
    • as they start towards the landing bay, the crew is spotted by two squads of stormtroopers
      • the crew runs to Trader’s Ledge
        • one squad chases them, while the other commandeers some dewback mounts
      • as they cross the second rope bridge, Arthur blasts it’s to pieces while the stormtroopers chase him across
        • he makes it across just in time, as the bridge falls, and the troopers hang on for dear life on the opposite plateau
    • Landing Bay Aurek
      • Arthur tricks the front door droids into letting them in
      • as they open the boarding ramp to their ship, Trex is waiting inside to ambush them
        • Macllin reacts with lightning speed, and the crew guns Trex down before he can even get a word out
    • the Windfall takes off with Nyara at the helm
    • Four TIE fighters intercept them
      • their shield generators are knocked out by the TIEs, and the laser turret Macllin is in malfunctions, blowing up in his face
      • after a protracted dog fight, they destroy all the TIEs and jump to hyperspace

Meet the Crew

Human Gunslinger

A wanted man in several systems, Macllin’s survived by always shooing first.

Human Scout

Losing his crew and all his creds on a remote outer rim world jungle, Arthur needed a new crew. And beggars can’t be choosers.

Twi’lek Heavy Weapon Specialist

Bigger is better. Once a Rylothan miner, an unexpected turn of events had Nyara pick up the gun out of necessity. Turns out, she’s a natural.


The Campaign Premise and Obligation

Armed_Protocol_Droid_PoV_by_Miguel_CoimbraYou guys are the crew of whatever your ship’s name is (my suggestion is the Windfall). All your characters have known each other for at least a year, if not more, and in a galaxy where you can’t trust anyone else, you all trust each other. You take on various odd jobs as you just try to scrape by. Think Firefly. And some kind of grand overarching plot line will probably sneak in there, because I can’t seem to not have one.

The game will be set right after the destruction of the second Death Star, taking place concurrently with the new movie.

We’re going to use “Legion of Superheroes” rules here, which means you all have to have different niches. So if one person’s the pilot, specializing in flying the ship, you can’t also make that your focus. Dan has jumped the gun and made a sniper (bounty hunter assassin). Extreme long range combat and presumably sneaky. That’s his shtick. Though you don’t all need to specialize in combat, you should all at least be proficient in some weapon or fighting style. Some suggestions straight out of the book: the tough guy, the ace pilot, the fast talker, the know-it-all, the sneaky rogue, or the support guy (doctor).

The background uh… mechanic(?) for this game is obligation. It’s the reason you can’t have nice things. You’ve made some poor life choices, got dragged into something by a close friend or family member, pissed off the wrong person or organization, or maybe were in the wrong place at the wrong time. However it happened, you’ve got this thing hanging over your head that you can put off dealing with, but can’t ignore.

You can either pick one that fits an idea you’ve got for a character or roll randomly and we can figure it out from there.

  • Addiction
  • Betrayal
  • Blackmail
  • Bounty
  • Criminal
  • Debt
  • Dutybound
  • Family
  • Favor
  • Oath
  • Obsession
  • Responsibility
  • Pick Two